Access North Center for Independent Living of Northeastern Minnesota. Assisting individuals w/ disabilities to live independently, pursue meaningful goals, and have the same opportunities and choices as all people.
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The Ramp Project

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The Ramp Project provides ramps for people with disabilities on a sliding fee scale. Many times this project makes the difference between an individual coming home or living in an institution. The ramps are modular, made of wood, require no footings, and can be temporary or more permanent. Ramps are installed by a project supervisor and community volunteers. This makes them cost effective - about a third of what it costs to have a typical contractor build one.

Our Ramp Crew at Work . . .

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Building Your Own Ramp

If you can have the ramp built yourself, please download this guide.

How to Build A Ramp

Applying for a Ramp

If you live in Northeastern Minnesota and are in need of a ramp, please contact Access North by calling our Hibbing office at:

(800) 390-3681
(218) 262-6675 V/TTY

You can also contact Access North by using the email link below or by emailing us at:

How It Works

  • Once you contact Access North and you are found to qualify for the project, our ramp project supervisor will do a site visit to see if a ramp is your best solution.

  • If your home is "rampable", he will design your ramp.
    (If you require something special NOW is the time to let him know).

  • The Access Coordinator will give you an estimate for the ramp and get your authorization to put up the ramp.

  • Once the ramp is completed, Access North will bill you or you may purchase the ramp outright.

  • Access North will also work with you to see if there is funding available to offset the cost of the ramp.

The Ramp Project is a multiple year NOD Community Awards Competition winner.

~ Access Coordinator Jason Worlie ~

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