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Five Core Services

Access North provides five core services that all 400-plus Centers for Independent Living offer nationwide:

  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Information and Referral
  • Advocacy
  • Peer Mentoring/Group Support
  • Transition to Community

Independent Living Skills Training

Access North offers an Independent Living Skills Training program where staff provide independent living skills training in any life area in which a consumer has a goal to become more independent. We have a variety of independent living skills assessments to utilize which can help you to determine goal areas if you like. Training is provided within the home and community where you live. ´╗┐Goal areas include, but are not limited to:

  • budgeting skills
  • cooking
  • accessing community services
  • communication
  • all areas of independent living

Information and Referral

Access North provides individuals with disabilities, family members, other service providers, and the community at large with information regarding the available options and resources that enable people with disabilities to live more independently in the community of their choice.


Self-advocacy skills and assertiveness training are provided in all areas of life. In addition, Access North advocates for systems changes at the local, state, and national levels.

For example:

  • (1) Individual Consumer Advocacy - This involves Center staff working with you to understand your rights and obtain the support services you need to live independently.

  • (2) Community Advocacy - This involves Center staff, Board members, and volunteers initiating activities to make changes in the community that make it easier for all persons with disabilities to live more independently.

Peer Mentoring / Group Support

Access North's Peer Mentoring program links trained mentors with consumers for support, goal setting, and socialization. The objective is to learn, to explore options and to brainstorm problems that sometimes arise for people with disabilities.

For example, a mentor and consumer may work together when a consumer is making adjustments due a newly acquired disability, or when a consumer learning to use community services more effectively.

In addition, a variety of support groups are offered within our service area. Please, use the link below to access

Listing of Regional Support Groups

Transition to Community

Transition to Community´╗┐ services are intended to assist people with disabilities as they transition from nursing facilities and other institutions into community settings with the goal of preventing institutionalization.

These services also focus on supporting youth as they prepare for adult life in all areas of independent living including accessing transportation, housing, and employment in the community.

Access North offers many other services to people with disabilities, to the people who care about us,
and to the communities in which we live.

Please, use the link below to learn about these other services:
Additional Services